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If you’ve stopped by – thanks! Not sure if anything will be particularly useful to you as I’m still getting this site organized for various aspects of my personal and professional endeavors. Feel free to read, comment, or ask questions. I’ll be cleaning up quite a bit over the holiday season and hopefully putting a bit more structure (and content) to this. Thanks! – JBP

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Cutting Cycle – 4 week update

Four weeks in on Tim Ferriss’s  slow carb program. Results are coming along as hoped / expected.  I’ve tackled about 30% of my body weight goal and ~16% of my body fat goal. I haven’t been in the gym much this past month due to travel and snow days, but when I’ve been able to make it in, strength seems consistent with workouts prior to starting the program.  I’ll get back in next week to benchmark.

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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 14th

Rest DayFebruary 14th, 2014
Pro: 88gCarbs: 93gFat: 42gEnergy: 1102 Cals
07:00 AM
Tuna salad, olive oil / vinegar, lettuce pepper relish
P: 35gC: 20gF: 14g346 Cal
01:00 PM
tuna salad, olive oil, vinegar, lettuce pepper relish
P: 35gC: 20gF: 14g346 Cal
05:00 PM
3 eggs, green peas
P: 18gC: 53gF: 14g410 Cal
notes: solid progress, calories really low today. cravings came late (8-9 ish) but just chugged water.
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To Hell and Back. Or My Evening with a Hackintosh.

I like to tinker, so the thought of converting my homemade full tower into a ‘roll your own’ Macintosh had a certain appeal. Also, Lifehacker maintains a series on it, so it seemed mainstream enough to try without going too far into uncharted territory. The appeal, by and large, comes from the fact that a) you get to build this thing yourself and b) if you do it successfully – you’ve created a machine that has the feature/functionality equivalent of a Mac Tower at less than half of the cost. Why not?

Well…the so-so news is that I got it to work.  After following a series of instructions  (very thorough and well documented) on file conversion, bootable usb’s, motherboard tuning, etc – I had OSX Mavericks  (Apple’s latest mac operating system) running on what had once been a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 machine. The bad news – and this is the only way I can describe it – is that it wasn’t Mac quality. And that was the biggest downer. What I like about Macs is the completeness of the system from hardware, to software, to an ecosystem that works extremely well together. What resulted in my hack project felt very piece-meal. Mac’s are proprietary for a reason. Apple wants to deliver a total experience. Putting the OS in places for which it was not designed can dramatically degrade that experience. And also breaks the EULA  - lol!

The hack (aptly named) required 3rd party code to help boot the OS (the code is great, but you notice the UI – it just doesn’t look right). Additionally, once built, there are a significant number of drivers to load and additional configuration parameters to set (many were also hacks to accomodate hardware components that might not have been designed for the Mac OS). I’m pretty good with machines, so I had started down this path with no problems, but the end result was feeling sub-standard.

So deep sigh, after a few hours of building my Pseudo-Mac, I decided to reverse my process and reinstate the Windows machine in all its glory. I suppose this is a plus about Windows (relative to Macs) – the driver ecosystem is very robust given that so many hardware platforms and peripherals have to work with it. My only setback here was a rather old copy of Windows 7 (I refuse to install Windows 8 ) so I had 146 updates to sort through. Fortunately this was largely automated so I let it run into the wee hours.  This morning I reloaded Office 2010, security, and other apps and am now back to where I started less than 24 hours ago.

Incidentally, in spite of my title, I don’t want to knock the ‘Hackintosh’ process and certainly don’t want to knock the hard work that went into these projects and plans. The folks who support these projects have developed some really impressive code and are undoutedly very savvy engineers. And based on the community forums, it looks like a large number of folks have done this successfully and are enjoying their new creations. Bottom line, it just wasn’t for me (and looking back at my ‘time in’ there are plenty of other things I could have been doing).

For me? I’ll let my Macs be Macs and my Windows be Windows. They each have their purpose and I enjoy both for different reasons. I suppose I’m a two OS guy. I can live with that.


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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 12th

Rest DayFebruary 12th, 2014
Pro: 146gCarbs: 79gFat: 60gEnergy: 1440 Cals
08:00 AM
skinless, boneless chicken sauteed in olive oil, green peas
P: 40gC: 20gF: 20g420 Cal
01:00 PM
skinless boneless chicken, sauteed in olive oil, green beans
P: 40gC: 15gF: 20g400 Cal
06:00 PM
3 burger patties with mustard (95/5), green peas
P: 60gC: 30gF: 20g540 Cal
08:00 PM
greek yogurt, non-fat, 1 serving
P: 6gC: 14gF: 0g80 Cal
notes: took a few days off from recording, but stuck to general plan.
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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 8th

Rest DayFebruary 8th, 2014
Pro: 40gCarbs: 168gFat: 50gEnergy: 1282 Cals
08:00 AM
large waffle - 1/2 cup syrup
P: 6gC: 120gF: 11g603 Cal
large glass grapefruit juice
P: 0gC: 26gF: 0g104 Cal
1 biscuit, 1/4 cup gravy
P: 8gC: 8gF: 13g181 Cal
4 strips bacon
P: 20gC: 4gF: 20g276 Cal
1 large cup of coffee, creamer, cinnamon, sucralose
P: 6gC: 10gF: 6g118 Cal
unsweet tea
P: 0gC: 0gF: 0g0 Cal
notes: Fantastic progress. Three week milestone. 24% of weight loss goal. 13.45% of body fat redux goal.
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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 7th

Training DayFebruary 7th, 2014
Pro: 150gCarbs: 125gFat: 32gEnergy: 1388 Cals
06:00 AM
4 eggs, ground beef (1/4 pound), cottage cheese
P: 50gC: 12gF: 12g356 Cal
01:00 PM
navy beans, cottage cheese
P: 40gC: 93gF: 10g622 Cal
06:00 AM
tuna tatake, beef sashimi, seawreed salad
P: 60gC: 20gF: 10g410 Cal
notes: generally lighter meals today in anticipation for tomorrow. Squats this morning.
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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 6th

Training DayFebruary 6th, 2014
Pro: 243gCarbs: 52gFat: 61gEnergy: 1729 Cals
06:00 AM
whey protein shake (almond milk, 2 scoops whey, 1 scoop cottage cheese)
P: 60gC: 10gF: 4g316 Cal
12:00 PM
Mexican - black beans (1/2 cup), pico de gaillo, lettuce, beef cubes (guessing macros)
P: 35gC: 20gF: 20g400 Cal
03:00 PM
2 servings cottage cheese, grilled chicken (4 ounces)
P: 40gC: 6gF: 6g238 Cal
08:00 PM
2 servings cottage cheese, 4 eggs, ground beef (8 oz); tobasco
P: 108gC: 16gF: 31g775 Cal
notes: Generally good day following deadlifts this morning. A couple of red flags for sodium - had mexican for lunch which had some salt and tobasco with a fair amount of Na.
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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 5th

Rest DayFebruary 5th, 2014
Pro: 110gCarbs: 10gFat: 43gEnergy: 867 Cals
07:00 AM
ham steak, 4 eggs
P: 56gC: 8gF: 21g445 Cal
02:00 PM
1/2 pound ground beef, 4 eggs scrambled, jalepeno cubes
P: 54gC: 2gF: 22g422 Cal
notes: levelling out from the weekend. Wings on sunday threw me off slightly. Also trying protein meal in the morning versus almond milk. Started pAGG cycle today as well and carrying forward 30 days. I'm pretty sure I had a meal last night but if I did, I cannot remember it.
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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 4th

Rest DayFebruary 4th, 2014
Pro: 142gCarbs: 104gFat: 58gEnergy: 1506 Cals
06:30 AM
Almond Milk - 2 scoops whey
P: 50gC: 2gF: 8g280 Cal
12:00 PM
24 oz salad, spinach, hard boiled eggs, oil and vinegar, ham (estimating)
P: 50gC: 40gF: 20g540 Cal
08:00 PM
3 dill pickles (Kosher), lentils 2x and eggs x4, large glass of water
P: 42gC: 62gF: 30g686 Cal
notes: totally forgot to log yesterday. Hoping I remember everything...
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My Macros at Fittly™ Feb. 3rd

Training DayFebruary 3rd, 2014
Pro: 157gCarbs: 177gFat: 8gEnergy: 1408 Cals
04:30 AM
unsweetened Almond milk + 2 scoops whey
P: 50gC: 2gF: 8g280 Cal
couple of cups of black coffee with saigon cinnamon
P: 0gC: 0gF: 0g0 Cal
10:30 AM
Lentils (2 servings) - p9,c31,f0
P: 18gC: 62gF: 0g320 Cal
01:45 PM
can tuna, olive oil and fig infused vinegar, 3 dill pickles, couple of spoons or relish
P: 32gC: 10gF: 0g168 Cal
08:30 PM
lentils, 3 servings (9-31-0) + 2 servings cottage cheese (15-5-0)
P: 57gC: 103gF: 0g640 Cal
notes: up slightly in bw this morning. Totally attributing to salt :(
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